Internal rules Campsite *** L’Evasion

Internal rules Campsite *** L’Evasion

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Internal rules

General conditions

1°) admission conditions:

To be authorized to settle down and stay on the campsite area, you must be allowed to do so by the administrator or his representative;
He has to make sure that the campsite is weel-kept and tidy and that these internal rules are respected.
Staying on the campsite ground implies to accept these rules and to commit to follow them.

2°) Police formalities:

Everyone who stays at least one night has to provide the administrator with his identity card or passport and fill in police formalities.

The under 18′ unaccompagnied by their parents will only be admitted if they have a written authorization from them.

3°) Settling in:

Tents, caravans and the linked equipments have to be installed at the indicated place according to the directives given by the administrator.

4°) Reception:

Opened from 8a.m to 7p.m from mid March to October (except July and August 7:30a.m to 8p.m)
You will find all information about campsite services at the reception area: information about food supply, sport installations, tourism……

A book of complaints or suggestions is at user’s disposal. Complaints will only be considered if they are signed, as precisely as possible dated and if they concern relatively recents facts.

5°) Fees:

Fees are paid at the reception.
Prices are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception.
The price is set according to the number of nights spent on the campsite. Users of the campsite ground are invited to inform the reception about their departure one day before it.

6°) Noise and silence:

Users of the campsite are invited to avoid any noise that could bother their neighbors.

Sound devices have to be settled accordingly.
Car doors and boots have to be locked as silently as possible.

Campers with a dog or a cat have to present its identity book and antirabies vaccination certificate.

The 1st category dogs are forbidden.
The 2nd category dogs have to be muzzled.
Dogs and other pets must never be let free.
They cannot be left inside the campsite, even locked during the absence of their owners who are civilly responsible.

The silence has to be total between 11p.m to 7a.m

7°) Visitors:

After being authorized by the administrator, visitors can be admitted inside the campsite under the responsibiliy of the campers who receive them.
Visitors have to wait in the reception area until campers come and welcome them.

When visitors are allowed to enter the campsite, they have to pay a fee which corresponds to access to services and / or campsite installations.

This fee is displayed at the entrance and at the reception of the campsite.
Visitors cars are forbidden inside the campsite.

8°) Traffic and car park:

Maximum authorized speed for vehicles inside the campsite is 10 km/hour. Traffic is forbidden from 11p.m to 7a.m

Only vehicles belonging to campers are authorized to move inside the campsite.
Vehicles have to be properly parked on the appropriate rented place.

9°) Respect of installations:

Campers must not do anything that could damage or spoil cleanliness, hygiene an aspect of the campsite.

Caravan owners have to empty their waste waters inside appropriate installation.

It is forbidden to throw waste waters on the ground or inside gutters.

Rubbish, any wastes, papers, have to be thrown inside trashes.

Toilets have to be specially let clean.

Wash and washing are strictly forbidden except in places planned for this purpose.


Plantations have to be respected.
It’s forbidden to plant nails inside trees.
It’s forbidden to cut branches and plantations.
Campers are not allowed to delimit their places by personal means or dig the ground.

Any violation of theses rules will be charged to the responsible person.

Campers must let the place they rent in the same good order they found it at their arrival.

10°) Security.

10-1) Fire:
Open fires are strictly forbidden.
Barbecues are at campers disposal (2)
Stoves have to be maintained in good functioning conditions and must not be used in dangerous conditions.
In case of fire, warn instantly the management.
Fire extinguishers and fire hoses are available in case of necessity.
First-aid kit of emergency is available at the reception.

10-2) Theft:
The management is responsible for objects let at the reception and has a general obligation for the surveillance of the campsite.
Campers are responsible for their own equipment and have to warn the manager for any suspect persons.
Campers are suggested to take obvious precautions for the protection of their own equipment.

11°) Games:

No violent or disturbing games can be played inside the campsite.
Children have to be under parents surveillance.

12°) Storage option:

Unused equipments will only be let on the campsite, after the agreement of the management, at the indicated place.
A fee will be asked for this storage. Its price will be given by the administrator.

13°) Display:

Internal rules are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception area.

14°) Violation of internal rules:

If a camper disturbs others residents or others campers or doesn’t respect these internal rules, the administrator can tell the disturber stopping troubles. He is also authorized to write a formal demand for stopping this trouble.
In case of repeated violation of these rules, the administrator will be allowed to cancel the contract.
In case of a penal violation, the administrator will call the police.

15°) Bar et restaurant:

The bar is opened from 8a.m to 10p.m during the campsite opening period.
The restaurant is opened from 8a.m to 10p.m from Easter to mid- September

16°) Swimming pool:

The swimming pool is opened from 10a.m to 8:30p.m from May 1st to mid September.
Children are always under the responsibility of their parents.